Blending together in harmony

A conductor’s role is vital to the success of a concert performance. During a concert, one can see every aspect of the conductor’s concentration in perfect accord. Just watch how the baton follows the score, directing each section of the orchestra, as well as keeping time and tempo for the musicians. Harmony is the result, with every instrument playing together in perfect concord. The musical contribution of each individual musician contributes to the overall harmony of the whole orchestra. As members of an orchestra, musicians work hard to prepare for a concert, studying and practicing notes, sequences, and technicalities, both individually and as a group. 

My prayer for harmony in the world has led me to understand and appreciate our role in the universal symphony of being. I sometimes begin by thanking God for being my “Conductor” and providing each of us with the right score and notes to practice and play. To let our thoughts and actions blend with the universal harmony. I know that the rhythm of my activities cannot be discordant, because harmony is the law of my being. And this is true for everyone else, too. Because I am God’s instrument, I can reflect and express only His perfect harmony. We each exist to blend in universal harmony with our fellow men and women, each one’s unique contribution harmonizing the whole. 

Living church every day
January 17, 2011

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