A vote for good government everywhere

The recent disputed elections in the nation of Ivory Coast have helped me see the importance of prayer for government—not just where I live, but everywhere. In this case, the incumbent, who was defeated, is still refusing to relinquish his post, even though the election of his opponent was seen as free and fair. South Africa’s president and others have attempted to mediate the situation, but at this writing, the situation has taken a threatening turn.

It’s easy to feel exempt from the issues societies different from our own face, and think that nothing like that could happen where we live. No human system can totally provide for the needs and protection of citizens. But when informed by prayer, we can gain peace about governmental issues, and our decisions become less about people, politics, or party, and more about such things as wisdom, honesty, and stability in government.

In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
Practicing Truth
January 17, 2011

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