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No truth in that tale

One day, one of my classmates came out of the girls' bathroom and told us that someone had written a note on the bathroom wall that was meant to scare all the girls. It was about the tale of Bloody Mary. Everyone began talking about it and filling in scary details that they'd heard about the tale. They were all saying it was true, even though it was really just a scary ghost story. After a while, so many stories were running through my head that I had a hard time getting them out. And at night, I was scared to go to sleep.

I talked to my mom about it, and she helped me pray. I thought about how I was the reflection of God. I had learned about God in Sunday School. Since God can't be scared or harmed in any way, neither can I. That made me feel a lot better. My mom and I also talked about how there was no power in the words of that tale to make me afraid. I saw that if I kept acting scared, then I was still giving power to the tale. But there is power only in the word of Truth. God is Truth. And God sends only good words and thoughts to you.

April 13, 2009

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