Compassion heals a sunburn

My Co-Worker And I Couldn't Get Along . I work in the research and development group of a high-tech company, designing electronic parts for generators. Although I've been in the industry for some time, I've only been with my company for a few years. They hired me specifically to create designs that would help cut costs.

Soon after I started my new job, I began to clash with a younger coworker. He'd been with the company longer than I, but he wasn't at all concerned with the cost-saving measures that I initiated. Resistance built up between us, and soon our communication was at a standstill.

Part of my company's cost-saving measures was giving employees unpaid time off. During one of my days off, my wife and I went rowing on a lake. It was midday, and the temperature felt just right. I had to roll up my pant legs to wade into the water for a launch, and I didn't stop to think about covering up my pale skin.

I refused to let rape change me
July 5, 2004

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