Your best Friend

When things are going well, how easy it is to praise God and feel that all is right with the world. But when times are tough and no easy answers come, that's when it takes deep faith and tenacity to hold on to your spiritual reins and not give up on God. Because no matter how bleak a situation looks, God hasn't given up on you. God is Love itself, and therefore Love fills the entire universe. You can't be outside of that Love. It's constant and it's absolutely powerful.

Sometimes it might feel as though God has slipped behind a cloud, but that isn't true. God doesn't disappear when life gets hard—like some fair-weather friend, here just for the good times, gone on Fridays, back on Tuesdays, and MIA over the holidays. The one constant you can be sure of in this universe is the comforting presence of God everywhere at every moment.

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December 27, 2004

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