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This week's focus on breaking free of addiction has special meaning for me.


I have noted, with respectful interest, some differing thoughts on publishing articles not specifically about Christian Science.
items of interest

items of interest

"These astronauts knew the dangers, and they faced them willingly, knowing they had a high and noble purpose in life.
What's important now for the space program—and in any situation where endeavors have been aborted by tragedy—is to learn the lessons that will make future efforts more safely successful.

Columbia: What is not gone

"It's gone," said a senior US official in one of the first formal statements to the news media about the Columbia space shuttle, which broke up over Texas just 16 minutes before its scheduled touchdown on Saturday morning at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
Many woke to the news of the loss of the space shuttle Columbia on Saturday, February 1, 2003.


We didn't know you,circling earth,an intermittent lightin our starry nights.

In my daddy's footsteps?

The verdict had been handed down: "Your father was an alcoholic, and you'll be one, too." But through the author's own communication with God, the verdict was reversed.
Guilt and condemnation are not the agents of reform for people who battle self-destructive, compulsive behavior. It's the ability to love as Jesus taught that leads to true and permanent healing.
Even when his drug addiction caused this man immense pain and suffering, the thought that God never sees His children as flawed or beyond hope was enough to bring him the freedom he yearned for.

Venezuelan reconstruction

A woman full of familiarity with, and love for, Venezuela discusses her prayer for that country's welfare.

Taking the high road

Whether you're talking about a vacation journey or a life-journey, author Joseph Dispenza says finding the spiritual purpose for the trip is what makes it worth taking.

----100 years ago

Gathering news stories with a spiritual perspective week by week, we wondered what kinds of material the Sentinel of 100 years ago carried.

'He's got the whole world in His hands'

Does God really have the "whole world in His hands"?
Testimony of Healing

I needed to discover my spiritual identity.

Testimony of Healing
I smoked cigarettes for more than 60 years before I was healed of that addiction.
Testimony of Healing
I wish to thank God for the healing of a problem that had me very worried at one time.
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Regardless of the perceived causes of addiction, there is one mainstay that offers a true and complete source of inner fulfillment.

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