Primitive Christian healing now, and always

In an early letter (1878) to Clara Choate, Mary Baker Eddy wrote a sturdy appraisal of the thought of this pupil who was learning to be a healer according to the newly discovered system called Christian Science. Mrs. Eddy's words are as valuable to us today as they were those 125 years ago: "The only trouble with you is these so-called material conditions are too real to you."

From what we can discern, the letter refers to the spiritual effort to heal a patient of blindness. Earlier in the letter Mrs. Eddy provided the clear and absolute metaphysical truth about eyesight. She wrote: "Rem'ber that sight is only an admission; it is only this—'I see;' remember that a loss of sight is only 'I do not see'—it is only what mortal mind says about it. Now bend this mind to admit what you say is true—and you contend as staughtly and believe it as strongly that they do see and you have got the case.... Remember all is Mind. There is no matter. Do not allow yourself to get to thinking of a lie, of a material condition as a reality" (L04074).

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February 17, 2003

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