One year later

I'm living a new way

Last year , New York City actor and screenwriter Chris Meyer told the Sentinel about emerging from the subway and witnessing the attacks on the World Trade Center towers on September 11 (see the issue of October 8, 2001, p. 6). We asked Chris how his life has changed since that day.

I've gained a resolve not ever to find myself in a place where I have to mentally shift gears in order to help others—whether that help is physical, emotional, or spiritual. Since my prayers that morning, when I was caught completely off guard, my goal has been to maintain a state of alertness. A state of being conscious of how I'm thinking: Am I loving my neighbor more, thereby realizing my full potential? There are so many situations where I've found opportunities to help both myself and others: helping a mother with her baby carriage on the subway, calming my agent's work-related fears and insecurities, resolving physical confrontations on the street. I'm learning that my alertness, my love, gives me confidence in God's presence and power in any circumstance.

Songs toward paradise now
September 9, 2002

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