Prayer brings happiness and resolution

I was feeding some orphan lambs in a pen that I use for that purpose. The pen is surrounded by a barbed wire fence. Without thinking, I reached between the wires without my glove for something. One of the barbs hooked into the back of my hand. It bled some and was a little painful. I washed my hand, put a small bandage on it, and didn't think much about it.

Later that day I went to plant a tree. When my parents moved to our farm in 1907, there was a wetland here, and birds of all kinds could be found. The government has assisted me in restoring the bird habitat, which has involved planting trees in the area. I was digging the hole for the tree, when two deer flies flew into the glove and stung my hand close to the place where the barb had pierced it. My hand began to swell. By the time I had finished planting the tree, I could not continue working because the hand was hurt and started to look infected.

Testimony of Healing
Protected at gunpoint
July 29, 2002

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