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No Prizes for this quiz , but can you tell us: Who have eyes in the back of the head and the sharpest ears?


"It's God"
items of interest

Items of interest

In an interview with Loreli Buenaventura appearing in the May/June 2002 issue of Body & Soul bestselling author Marianne Williamson (Healing the Soul of America, A Return to Love) answered the question, "Where do we find ourselves at this particular time in history?
A son wrongfully sentenced to life in prison ... a mother who wouldn't give up the fight to free him. Joyce Milgaard's story, and the music it inspired.
When the conductor of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Bramwell Tovey, asked me to write this work,.

Chosen by an angel

The author of Busy but Balanced and 10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting shares what being a mother means to her.


Many of us don't make the space in our lives to pause and examine; we just don't have that kind of time.

Mother love SURVIVES

A memoir about one of the world's countless unsung family heroe

Through a spiritual lens-MOTHER AND CHILD

Maria Gomez bottle-feeds her eight-month-old daughter, also named Maria, in a nursery room at Pawtucket House Family Shelter in Lowell, Massachusetts.
Becoming a mom at the age of 13 wasn't easy. But with the support of her own mother—and a trust in God—the author found continuing growth and progress both for herself and her daughter.

'The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo'

Hebe de Bonafini lost two sons and a daughter-in-law in Argentina's "Dirty War." Here she talks about the protest group she heads up, as well as about her own inner struggles.


In 1973, Juan Domingo Peron became president of Argentina for the third time.
In anticipation of the opening of The Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity later this year, the Sentinel regularly prints excerpts from the collections of previously unpublished writings.

Too much to do? Let Mother do it

I heard the other day of a dad teaching his four-year-old to use a day planner to keep track of her many activities! Proof, I guess, that today's society sees run-away stress as par for the course.
Testimony of Healing

'I prayed, "God, show me what to do." '

Testimony of Healing
A few months ago, I was leaving home to chair a meeting, when I suddenly found myself doubled over with great abdominal pain.
Testimony of Healing
My son invited me to travel from Brazil to Canada with him and my eight-year-old granddaughter.

You might just as successfully sweep sunlight into a dustpan as prevent the healing light of Christ from cycling outward.

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