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In an interview with Loreli Buenaventura appearing in the May/June 2002 issue of Body & Soul bestselling author Marianne Williamson (Healing the Soul of America, A Return to Love) answered the question, "Where do we find ourselves at this particular time in history?" She talked about what we might do to avoid mistakes in the future.

According to Williamson, "We are, I think, at the most critical moment in human history. We are building up our nuclear arsenals at a time when we should be doing everything we can to rid ourselves of them. We work overtime to make things easier for those for whom things are already pretty easy, and work less and less for those who suffer through no fault of their own. And we are escalating a war condition that is spreading throughout the world like a seemingly uncontrollable virus. We have made money our God, to the peril of the poor of the world, our environment, and the health and well-being of our children.

'Please, Madam Minister, set my son free'
May 13, 2002

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