Parenting on your own—how do you cope?

When I was a young single parent, I went to a pool party some church friends were having. The son of the hostess, who was maybe three or four, had hit his head on the side of the pool. He started screaming and yelling. My first inclination was to run to him and see how serious it was. But I noticed that none of the other parents were moving. I assumed they must be praying, and I just followed suit.

I was the only one who could hear what the boy's mother was saying to him. She just took him in her arms and whispered, "You're God's boy." When she said that, in that moment, I responded to it within myself. I saw the eternal identity not only of the little boy, but of myself, an identity that I'd never seen before.

A single dad puts together a family
April 8, 2002

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