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From Bejing to Santiago, domestic violence affects spouses, children, and extended families.


I want to thank you for the hard work and prayers you put into the Sentinel.
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According to statistics recently published in Newsweek, there has been a marked shift in the demographics of global Christianity.
The director of a women's shelter in St. Petersburg, Florida, Linda Osmundson knows something about what pulls a person up from the depths. In an interview, she explains her convictions, gained during more than 16 years on the job.
For 17 years, I was in what I now realize was a marriage full of emotional abuse—put-downs, name-calling, and hardship.
When people talk about domestic violence, they usually focus on women.
My first marriage was a disaster.

What brings healing

Read how concepts of prayer can change and evolve, bringing about healing.
It's not asking too much to be able to make ends meet. Here's how it worked for one woman when she prayed about it.
Healing isn't just about staying healthy. It's also about staying safe from danger. Read how a scuba diver got immediate help from God when he found himself trapped and alone in an underwater coral head.

I got my wallet back

As the author says, "Chasing a robber isn't what I would ordinarily do." But that's what his prayer led him to do.

Prayer for a child

For this mother, responsibility meant learning to respond to all God's ability.

Seeking substance

I say a prayer.
Testimony of Healing

A life renewed

With deep desire and curiosity, I asked God if He really healed.

Testimony of Healing

Able to breathe with freedom

At night, I would often have to stand by a window, in order to breathe.

Testimony of Healing

That was it. No burn, no pain, no mark, no recovery period.

Testimony of Healing

We can always turn to God

Although we had fallen behind considerably, we managed to meet all the deadlines.

Testimony of Healing

The truth makes us free

I could not be divided between being the expression of God and feeling disabled.

Testimonies of healing are always welcome.
Thanks so much for the new series, "Praying for the world's children.

A monument to life

We can expect life to unfold to us more of the richness and beauty that we are naturally heir to.

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