Always free in God

It's been ten years since I've had a drink. But more important, it's been two years since I realized that I am not an alcoholic.

Until the summer before last, I was actively involved in a spiritual fellowship designed to treat alcoholism. It promoted a daily practice of activities designed to remove fear and allow sufficient consciousness of the presence of God in order to stay sober. It worked! Not only was I able to be sober, but I experienced a consistently higher level of happiness than ever before.

There was only one fundamental problem. I wasn't free. The treatment for alcoholism that I was taking was based on the premise that there was no cure for alcoholism; that the best I could expect was a daily reprieve, based on the "maintenance of my spiritual condition"; that "once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic"; and that if I were ever to stop this daily practice, I would eventually either get drunk, go insane, or die.

For the glory of God
June 4, 2001

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