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A harvest of healing

Several Years Ago I was giving a series of talks in California.


"A spiritual renaissance—shifting thought-patterns".
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"In An Extensive clinical study of healing, personal prayer caused an overall 20 percent decrease in the amount of pain experienced by patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

A celebration of healing

After spending a year meeting with churches in the United States and around the world to discuss spiritual healing, the president of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, presents his findings: that people who rely on God and prayer for health and healing say they have something worth celebrating. Frankie Boyer, host of a weekly radio program called "The Business of Being Healthy," interviews Bill Moody and adds her own insights.

Dear Mr. Moody ...

Excerpted reports of healing through prayer, taken from follow-up letters and e-mail messages

Tooth restored

You couldn't tell which tooth had been damaged.


Thanks to God for His gift

I knew I had to calm the children and myself by praying for God's powerful help.

Testimony of Healing

Always free in God

I found a cure in Christian Science. Alcoholism, like every other disease, is ultimately an illusion, and this understanding can be gained through the study of our relationship to God.


For the glory of God

A doctor had tried and failed to resuscitate my dad.


Finding the way

My progress and "growth in grace" have come, a step at a time, through many years.


God doesn't create mishaps and accidents.


Practical, powerful spiritual laws

About three hours later, all the symptoms were gone.


I remembered reading that household accidents were a major cause of harm to children.


Poison ivy healed

I prayed again and really listened to hear God.



An expanded section of comments the Sentinel has received following publication of the article "Facing down disablity" in the April 23 issue

For someone whose life is committed to Christ healing comes naturally.

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