See yourself in a new light

You've got all the good qualities you need to succeed.

TELEVISION COMMERCIALS CALL out: "Feeling worn out and rundown? Tired of the same old you? Try . . ." You could complete that sentence with a variety of products—a new hair color, mouthwash, diet supplement, breakfast cereal, and so forth. All of these claims to making a better "you" assume that you're missing something essential. But is that the case? Consider for a moment that you are already complete and whole, here and now.

Complete? Whole? Me? Absolutely! As God's children, we all are. No one can be missing any Godlike quality. Sounds radical, doesn't it? But if you check out the Bible, you'll discover numerous "radical" references to our present spiritual perfection as God's offspring. From the creation of man in the image of God in Genesis (see 1:26–28) to the declaration of our permanent status as sons and daughters of God in the New Testament writings, the Bible points continually to our goodness as well as our dominion. This is our only true nature, because we are created in the likeness of our Maker.

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Are you giving yourself away?
March 27, 2000

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