Are people your problem?

Well, are people your problem? Possibly, if you're like most of us—or like the strange-looking creature we saw running along the shoulder of a highway. When we caught up with it, we saw it was a turkey. And it was Thanksgiving Day! The unhappy creature was apparently trying to put as much distance as possible between itself and people. That isn't always easy for turkeys—or for people. After all, there are almost seven billion of us today—people, that is—dwelling ever more closely on this planet of ours.

Sometimes friends, relatives, co-workers, or an employer can seem like more trouble than help to us. Instead of being friendly, supportive, pulling us up, their criticism or domination just adds to the problem. (And we can't just run away like the turkey.) But the Bible story of Job offers a helpful example for dealing with situations of this nature.

"The rock of my refuge"
September 27, 1999

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