The search for spirituality

"Isn't this something that we're all really looking for in spirituality—a practical understanding of our relation to God?"

There's no doubt of a growing quest for spirituality. Polls record today's seekers as feeling spiritually barren. A majority are seeking various modes—new cultures—including megachurches, evangelical movements, and New Age thought. The blending of the Eastern and Western mystical religions is evolving, and as one newspaper reports, "While very different, both New Age and evangelical spheres share a common 'this world' emphasis on personal growth and experience of the sacred" (The Christian Science Monitor, 19, 1996).

Reports also suggest that as a result of this search, the traditional, mainline Christian churches are losing—losing adherents as well as attraction. Theologian David Wells points out that one reason for this may be that "the message of redemption and understanding the character of Christ is something that has to be worked at and struggled with" (ibid.).

Christian Science Reading Rooms
February 1, 1999

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