The effects of poisoning, reversed

Labrador puppy healed through prayer

Last spring our family was busily cleaning out our barn, preparing a place to keep young turkeys. Lots of things had been left behind by the previous owner, so we spent most of the morning absorbed in this work. Sally, our nine-month-old Labrador puppy, was also quite involved investigating the new smells in every corner of the barn.

After some time, we were heading in for lunch when my husband noticed that Sally was shaking uncontrollably. We helped her over to her rug, but there was no improvement, and it looked as if she was losing consciousness. My husband feared that she had eaten some rat poison. He related an incident from his childhood when he had witnessed the death of a family dog from strychnine poisoning. Sally's situation looked the same to him.

When the innocent suffer
July 20, 1998

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