Circulation of literature

In many instances, the circulation of manuscripts and publications dealing with Christian Science that emanate from sources other than the Publisher of the Writings of Mary Baker Eddy and The Christian Science Publishing Society, is a disservice both to Christian Scientists and to those becoming interested in Christian Science. Some of the items to be aware of are tapes, books, and reprints of all sorts that purport to "teach" Christian Science in a more exciting or profound way than Mrs. Eddy provided. Other items include letters from disaffected Christian Scientists that promote, often anonymously, the writers' own opinions concerning the Church and its activities; also circulated copies of unpublished articles and letters attributed to Mrs. Eddy, which are nearly always found on examination to be in part incorrect, if not wholly mistaken.

Public interest in Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer of Christian Science, has grown over the last few years, along with the increased circulation and sale of her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. As mentioned at the Annual Meeting of The Mother Church in June (see July issue of The Christian Science Journal), over the next few years the Board of Directors will make available in appropriate ways some of Mrs. Eddy's unpublished writings, including portions of her correspondence. Also, The Christian Science Publishing Society will continue to expand the Twentieth Century Biographers Series on the life of Mrs. Eddy, as well as to produce the daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly periodicals instituted by Mrs. Eddy, and new publications dealing with important contemporary issues.

Jesus' Sermon on the Mount
July 28, 1997

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