Transformed mental health

I First struggled with depression as a teenager, but could usually brush it aside. There were a few times, however, when it became quite severe. Later, I underwent psychotherapy for the depression and also because of abuse I had experienced as a child. With the progress I made in psychotherapy, I became a functional adult—I could hold down a job, I could maintain my marriage, I loved my children—but I was still haunted by my past. I would have unpleasant flashbacks about my childhood and would waken in the night smelling cigarette smoke, even though no one in our house smoked. I also couldn't control my temper and moods, or my son's behavior. I became increasingly ill with "cluster" migraines and another serious health problem, and daily I battled depression.

A new friend spoke to me about her religion, but I didn't believe it could help me. My health continued to deteriorate so much, however, that, with my friend's encouragement, I called a Christian Science practitioner and asked for treatment through prayer. That day the long-standing illness I'd been suffering from was healed. And I began to study Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy very earnestly. I was consistently experiencing physical healings, so I knew that relying on God worked. But I wondered where He'd been when I had needed Him so badly as a child. This was a stumbling block for me, so I dug deeper. I realized that I had to take my question out of the realm of what I typically understood life to be.

The right arrangement of one's thoughts
July 14, 1997

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