As the symbols disappear

God's tender, parental love ever surrounds and envelops each of us. Divine Love guides, upholds, and maintains. Even though we may believe we don't always feel it or see its effect, God's omnipresent care is the here-and-now fact of being. This fact reveals itself in humanly understandable ways—in respect and fairness in relationships in the workplace, in faithful love in a marriage, in the gentle and consistent love of a parent for a child, in acts of kindness among strangers.

As we acknowledge God's love for His child in the present tense and embody this love in our daily contacts, we have whatever we presently need. That is, we see God's care and goodness symbolized in spiritual qualities manifest in our daily experience—in safety, supply, employment. These are usually considered to be things we need to get—an apartment, an income, a job. But it's more accurate to say that we each are living out in daily experience our present recognition, however small, of the goodness of God. Spirit.

January 6, 1997

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