The importance to me of beginning each new day by prayerfully...

The importance to me of beginning each new day by prayerfully acknowledging God's love and protection for me and my loved ones cannot be overemphasized. On the morning of Friday, September 8, 1995, I typed on the computer, "The impenetrable protective shield of divine Principle is surrounding my children, my husband, and me [protecting us] from all false, mortal beliefs of accident, violence, sin, disease, and death by God's fixed, infallible, almighty law." This proved true.

My husband and I were flying to Yosemite in a small, four-passenger airplane for a weekend meeting. As we were taking off, the words to a hymn from the Christian Science Hymnal came to thought: "Everlasting arms of Love / Are beneath, around, above" (No. 53). We had a pleasant flight until it came time to land the plane. The pilot was unable to land and decided to fly back around and try again. My husband was in the copilot's seat and I was sitting behind him. My husband, a student pilot at the time, shouted at the pilot to lift the wing on our side (it was within a foot of touching the ground), and we narrowly missed a pole and buildings on the left side of the plane. But the plane was not gaining altitude quickly enough to avoid the mountain ahead of us.

June 3, 1996

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