Some years ago a neighbour felt impelled to cross the road to...

Some years ago a neighbour felt impelled to cross the road to speak to me as I stood hosing the front garden. I was very troubled by a family matter, and upon her gentle enquiry instinctively confided in her. She asked if I knew three great verities of Spirit, offering the word omni, meaning "all," as a guide. I was puzzled but mentally fumbled my way back to primary school Latin and proffered omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience. She explained that these words were the truths relating to the power, presence, and true knowledge of God. Eagerly I took this in.

She then asked if I knew the Lord's Prayer, which I did. She drew my attention to the words "Thy will be done" (Matt. 6:10). As I thought about these words, a willingness to let God's will be done swept through me. I was filled with peace for the first time in months. A few days later the troublesome family matter was resolved most satisfactorily, and I was overcome with the desire to understand what this dear, kind woman knew of God that I did not. Although I did not know it, Christian Science, with healing on its wings, had come to my door.

February 12, 1996

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