Don't be afraid to introduce these friends

Picture yourself walking down the street with a friend. You meet someone you know and introduce him to your friend. They greet each other, maybe shake hands, all three of you chat a few moments and then continue on your ways. Perhaps the friends you introduced will meet again someday. Perhaps not. Were you afraid that one friend would reject the other? Did you expect these two friends of yours, who had just met, to become lifelong companions? Will you feel bad if they don't become good friends and spend a lot of time together?

Now think about other "friends." For many people these friends are certain books that they love. If you are into the study of spiritual issues, some of your best friends might be the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. These two books are a constant guide and support in life because they reveal the truth of a loving, ever-present God and of man as His perfect reflection. Mrs. Eddy even named them as the pastor of the Church she founded.

An elemental struggle—a fundamental blessing
January 15, 1996

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