Take your orders from God!

"I Don't know what it is about me," a friend of mine said recently, "but I always seem to rebel against authority. If somebody tells me I have to do something, then I automatically say to myself, 'WHOA!! Why do I have to do that? What gives this person the right to boss me around?' " And no matter how many reasons you give my friend for doing the thing she's been asked to do, she still feels like arguing the point. On the outside, she may manage a smile, but on the inside she's often grinding her teeth.

Actually, my friend says her resistance toward authority has made her miserable over the years. It has put her at odds with her supervisors. And from time to time, it has even put her at odds with the One who's most important in her life: God. So she's been praying about this I-don't-want-to-do-what-I'm-told-to syndrome. And she's been learning from her prayers. Learning about real authority, real obedience ... and, oddly enough, real love.

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