Keep those pruners sharp

An acquaintance of mine had an older apple tree that had been producing only a few paltry fruits each year. An orchardist visited him one day. Taking advantage of the opportunity, my friend asked for advice on how to encourage that tree into better production. The visitor got a pair of pruners and a chainsaw, went out to the backyard, and started lopping, cutting, and sawing away. As branches tumbled to the ground, he explained that there were so many unproductive limbs needing to be removed that the pruning was going to be severe. There was no other choice at this point. But the heavy pruning would revitalize the tree and force a new set of healthy, fruit-bearing limbs to shoot out in all directions. And so it proved. In a few short years, the tree had a beautiful new canopy and was producing bushels of high quality, mouth-watering fruit.

There's a valuable lesson here for anyone desiring to be a more effective Christian healer. As with the tree, our thinking often needs a thorough cleaning out to allow for needed spiritual growth and renewal. Success in spiritual healing depends upon keeping our view of God and man fresh and vibrant. Stagnant states of thought, such as feeling at ease in matter, self-satisfaction, and the temptation to rest upon past triumphs, stymie progress Spiritward. They are unproductive modes of human consciousness that lull and discourage inspired initiative and prayerful effort which would otherwise promote spiritual progress.

Annual Meeting 1995
April 10, 1995

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