The blessing of seeing clearly

If someone were to ask me what I consider to be the most valuable lesson I've learned in life, I'd have to respond that I'm still right in the middle of learning it! In fact, it's the continuing nature of this lesson that contributes to its value for me. It will always challenge me, send me forward, purify and bless my life. And to the extent that I accept the challenge and act on it, my fellowman, too, will feel its value.

You may already have guessed from the title that this valuable lesson must have something to do with spiritual vision. It's the daily schooling I'm receiving in learning to see everything as it really is. This is the eternal blessing God, our Father, gave us "in the beginning" when He "saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good" (Gen. 1:1, 31). Not only did He create everything completely good, but He beheld it as good. And, by implication, we, too, are bidden to behold it as such. We are not just passive recipients, but active witnesses to perfection. We have a responsibility!

Not having to live with regret
December 18, 1995

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