Disease? Don't coin words for it ... destroy it!

When a new disease makes a noise in the world, people from a variety of social strata talk about it. Depending upon what is believed to cause it, some see it as a judgment from on high while others accept it as a matter of course. But we have the divine right to think for ourselves. We are not statistics, nor are we helpless within a societal trend. Each of us is the idea, or image, of God, and we belong to Him, not to the media's reports or to whatever seems to cause sickness.

According to Christian Science, disease is the product of false belief alone, and it has only the outlines that individual or universal consent gives to it. Under God's government, disease has no intellectual capacity, no power, no innate dangerous propensities or activity, no identity. Regardless of its corporeal "dress," disease is but a phantom or ghostly belief that claims discord can assume a name and a form and, if it is believed to be contagious, move, or be carried about, troubling those with whom it comes into contact.

Childhood restored
May 30, 1994

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