When I was in first grade I had scarlet fever, which was then...

When I was in first grade I had scarlet fever, which was then further complicated with pneumonia. My mother called a practitioner for help, and we also had a Christian Science nurse come to care for me. This enabled my mother to have more time to herself to pray.

After a few days the practitioner suggested that we might want to ask another practitioner for help, since I wasn't responding to the treatment. My mother decided to do so. The next practitioner immediately asked her, "Do you trust God?" (My mother was afraid I might die.) Her reply was that she would try to trust Him. The practitioner told my mother that "either you trust Him or you don't." My mother prayerfully thought about it and replied that she did trust God. My healing was almost instantaneous, and only a short while later I said I was hungry. I was up and about the next day.

Testimony of Healing
I have benefited from the effectiveness of Christian Science...
May 30, 1994

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