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Let good alone echo in your life

If sickness or other trouble seems to "echo" —to keep coming back—in your life, there's something you can do about it!

If you've ever been to the mountains, you've probably had some fun with echoes. It's hard to resist sending a message down the canyons and hearing it repeated over and over again.

One time a while back I learned something about echoes that brought about a healing. I was on a vacation in Colorado, and my husband and I were staying in a home surrounded by mountains several miles up a gravel road. The scenery was wonderful, the mountain air pure, and the flowers brilliantly beautiful, but I was sick, and felt very isolated because there was no telephone and we were some distance from town. As a result, I was more impressed with my fear, discomfort, and isolation than with the surrounding beauty.

A glimpse of light
April 18, 1994

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