Safe in God's arms

In our travels, we can turn to God, ever-present Love, to find freedom from fear and harm.

"This is your captain," the calm, authoritative voice addressed the passengers on my flight. Up to this point in our journey, we had been enjoying a perfectly smooth ride well above the clouds in sparkling sunshine. The voice continued, "We expect to encounter severe turbulence as we make our approach into the airport. Please fasten your seatbelts—firmly!"

I must admit to showing some white knuckles as I instinctively grasped the armrest. The prospect of rough weather, particularly at lower altitudes, caused me some concern. My calmness of a few moments before evaporated as I mentally braced for the bumpy ride forecast by the captain. Then I realized that even though flying conditions at that moment remained just as smooth as they had been immediately prior to the pilot's announcement, I was feeling such an overwhelming sense of apprehension that my whole demeanor had been affected.

A heart for community
January 24, 1994

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