Who would welcome sacrifice?

Most of us have probably spent much of our lives acquiring things. And much of what we've acquired is undoubtedly good—an education; adequate shelter, food, and clothing; things that inspire and elevate us; the knowledge and tools we need in order to care for ourselves and our families, to accomplish our work efficiently, to lead productive lives.

Yet, most of us, too, can probably look at ourselves honestly and admit that we've also acquired some things that aren't so good, and perhaps a few things that may even have gotten in the way of our progress and development. Along the way, we may have collected some bitterness and resentment, unforgiven hurts, negative views of ourselves and others, limited perceptions of life and our potential. It's also possible that we may have acquired more material goods and comforts than can conceivably be of any real or lasting benefit to us.

Better moments at work
January 24, 1994

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