In the summer of 1981 I experienced much pain from my...

In the summer of 1981 I experienced much pain from my spine to my heels. I would pray sincerely about this, and it would cease, only to return again in a couple of weeks. Then the pains came more frequently and for longer durations. This continued for several months. In my heart I would wonder if each period of relief was a permanent healing.

Then in early November we were visiting my sister and her family. During the visit I had another attack, and my sister (also a Christian Scientist) remarked that she had had the same experience a year earlier, and had received a very quick healing with the help of a Christian Science practitioner. She mentioned the condition to be sciatica. This very name really jolted me, as I recalled our mother had been confined to bed for several months under medical treatment for this disease.

My husband and I decided to return to our home, where I would ask for help from a practitioner. As we drove along the interstate highway, I was in such agony I asked my husband to stop at the next service area and phone the practitioner for me. We were still a long way from the next area. I reached for a copy of The Christian Science Journal on the seat beside me. I opened it at random, just wanting to read anything that would take my thoughts off the pain. My eyes fell upon a particular article, and I knew in the first few moments of reading what it had to say about "the touch of the tender Christ" that I had found my answer in one paragraph. I paused, suddenly overwhelmed with the awareness that the healing Christ was present. I actually felt the irresistible, all-powerful love of God surrounding me and, most important, I was aroused to a realization that I was not a mortal, physical being, but the perfect spiritual idea of God. This then was my answer—to awake from this illusion of mortality.

Testimony of Healing
We were visiting my sister in Montana
June 21, 1993

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