True ancestry and heredity

Recognizing your origin in God opens the way to greater freedom—and healing.

At a recent club meeting, a guest speaker lectured on genealogy. I was amazed to learn how many people are interested in this subject. At our new local library, for example, a large portion of the building is devoted to genealogical research. I've found that many of my friends are researching their ancestry; some have even written books about it.

What inspires people in this quest? Some delve into their lineage because it's intriguing and surprising, like a mystery story. Others seem to be searching for something deeper. In Your Family History, author Allan Lichtman presents this view: "Psychologists in clinical practice have suggested that the person who understands the patterns of thinking and feeling that emerge over generations of family history is likely to function better as a secure, responsible, self-directed person."

Simple truth—effective healing
June 21, 1993

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