Bringing healing to controversy

Human solutions to controversy fall short of the healing possibilities revealed by prayer.

A Few years ago I was part of a group involved in a public controversy. The question was eventually decided in what most considered an intelligent way, yet there were dissenters. About a year later, one of them wrote a letter to our local newspaper stating in strong terms what a disaster the decision had been. Since I had firsthand knowledge of the conditions, I wrote a letter to the editor refuting those claims and stating the good things I knew to be going on. When my letter was published, I had quite a feeling of satisfaction that I had "set the record straight." My satisfaction was short-lived, however. A few days later there was a letter on the subject from another person, full of opposing opinions.

As I thought about this, I realized how futile it was to think that anyone's personal opinion of a situation would be the final one, or even the right one.

"I'm taking no chances!"
March 15, 1993

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