Expressing the completeness of God's idea

Many lament the passing of the old West, and western life has left indelible images on both American literature and the imagination of its people. Of course, horses have been an integral part of life on the range, but many people are unaware of how one aspect of horseback riding, called cutting, is being practiced today in a way that could be considered almost an art form. "Cutting" refers to a horse and rider separating and keeping an individual cow from the rest of the herd. In the West, there are national cutting horse shows, which are divided into professional and nonprofessional categories, with men and women in competition together. The competition involves no roping or handling of the cow, and the activity demands a special kind of understanding and unity between horse and rider. It is a task that requires much skill and is considerably more difficult than it may seem to an observer.

The following is an interview with Mary Jo Milner, a Christian Scientist, a Texan, and one who competes in cutting horse shows. She is the mother of two, a grandmother of two, and has been a world-champion cutting horse rider twice. Mary Jo talks with John Hueffner, a contributing editor for the Sentinel, and tells how prayer has been especially helpful to her as a rider and how she has been healed through Christian Science.

"What manner of spirit" are we?
November 8, 1993

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