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From the Editors
Study habits, test anxiety, goals and the future, ethics, morals, self-confidence—these are the kinds of issues students have to deal with throughout their school years.

Knives, guns, schools, and prayer

What can we about violence and crime in our schools? We can pray.

Before you study

We always benefit from a fresh view of ourselves. Each of us is endowed by God with all the real intelligence we need.

Second Thought

"Dan Young of Atlanta came out of an unwanted retirement four years ago, took a job booking hotel rooms and now at the age of 74 helps supervise hundreds of reservation agents.

My best friend

Have you ever thought of God, divine Love—the Love we can consistently count on—as your best friend?

The spiritual roots of self-respect

Second-class, inferior labels attached to people are never the real story. The truth about individual self-respect is found in man's relationship to God.


"Moral nourishment, like the physical kind, is essential for human health.

"This way out"

What does an awareness of God's existence and nearness do for us when we're faced with an impossible situation? A teenager who was planning to run away from home discovered the answer for himself.
There is a standard of measuring our lives that looks to Spirit, God—and it's not the yardstick of materiality.


The gentle touch of divine Love will bring healing into your life.
As a supplement to the verbal and printed reports from the Treasurer at the June 1992 Annual Meeting, we are making available to members, this year and upon request, a copy of the Ernst & Young audit of the combined financial statements of The Mother Church.
Testimony of Healing
Many years ago I suffered recurring bouts of pneumonia, as well as of many allergies, which caused intense abdominal pain.
Testimony of Healing
The Discoverer of Christian Science wrote that God "guides every event of our careers".
Testimony of Healing

When our daughter Christina was about three months old...

When our daughter Christina was about three months old, her feet were round as a ball.
A current list of public lectures on Christian Science, including places, dates, and times.

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