Trust the instructions!

Following the rules of scientific Christianity leads to understanding—and healing.

While on a family holiday, I had the thrill of white-water rafting. Our instructor first took ten minutes to give us careful instructions about how to maneuver our weight and synchronize our paddling. Even more important, he emphasized the necessity of following his commands immediately and exactly. If we procrastinated, it could be too late!

As we approached our first rapids, it looked quite frightening. But we had our rules, and we stuck to them—although a bit frantically at first and with hearts pounding. Soon our confidence grew as we relied more consistently on the rules, having seen for ourselves that they "worked" and that we were quite safe as long as we were alert and obedient. Before long, rafting on white water was a marvelous, exciting adventure. We negotiated the rapids with real delight.

Second Thought
July 27, 1992

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