The healing impetus of baptism

Purification of thought isn't, in the final analysis, optional. It underlies genuine happiness, progress, and healing.

When I was about twelve, I participated in a ceremony of baptism along with several of my friends in the Sunday School we attended. This special occasion gave me a feeling of commitment to Christian values and a sense of belonging to a church family. But the one thing I missed was a feeling of the ongoing activity of baptism. I viewed it as a one-time event.

When I became interested in Christian Science, I began to learn that baptism, an indispensable Christian requirement, does more than declare Christian intent; it is, in fact, the very essence of spiritual progress. It is the cleansing, purifying influence of Christ, Truth, in our lives, the moment-by-moment purification of thought and action. This Christly purification changes our way of looking at things. It helps us to understand the spiritual nature of man, created by God, Spirit, in His own pure likeness. This greatly improves our view of ourselves and others. Characteristics that seem a part of us but that oppose the nature of God, divine Love, are seen to be impositions that sooner or later must give way to the spiritual qualities native to God's likeness. This true perception and expression replaces the erroneous concept of man as mortal, sick, and sinful, and it is made evident in daily life as healing.

Spiritual morale—what it can do for us now
February 3, 1992

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