Stability—dull and boring?

A spiritual, God-derived view of identity can show us some valuable things about the qualities that really belong to us—and those that don't.

When I became a Christian Scientist many years ago, I was suffering from a bad case of instability, although I didn't realize it. A friend helped open my eyes to the problem.

At first I was shocked and rebellious. I had always thought of my ups and downs and wide mood swings as an integral part of my artistic temperament. I felt this was rather interesting. My friend pointed out that being unpredictable was no more attractive or interesting than being stolid and always predictable. She patiently helped me see that stability doesn't exclude the beautiful qualities of Soul, God. In fact, man as God's image—which is our actual selfhood—must express the fullness of the divine nature and nothing unlike it. My real nature, then, couldn't include ugly traits like instability.

Alive to God's promises—now
October 5, 1992

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