Love or revenge? Which heals?

More than the escalation of weaponry, the escalation of hatred and revenge feeds violence. Treaties may preclude weapons build-up, but what stops hatred? That's a question Edna Johnston has had to face where she lives in Northern Ireland. She talks here about some of the experiences that have led her to the conclusion that, as Christ Jesus taught, prayer, spiritual love, and forgiveness are the antidote to hate.

I worked for the Northern Ireland Electricity Services. I worked in the headquarters. It was there that one of the first bombs was placed in a public institution during working hours. I had been at the library at the opposite end of the building from my office and was coming through a new building to an old building. I had to go through an area that had a lot of personal lockers where the employees in the computer section kept their personal belongings. Our instructions were always, "When the fire bell goes, head for the nearest stairs and out the door and don't use the elevators."

Easter—undying promise of God's love
March 25, 1991

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