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Dear Reader

Perhaps there has not been in recent times a more moving example of the potent—even revolutionary—role of truth and love, of practical Christianity, than was given in Eastern Europe in the historic year of 1989.
Churches were a fertile seedbed for the remarkable reforms in Eastern Europe. A pastor who saw the events firsthand doesn't find that so surprising.

Spiritual salt

"Ye are the salt of the earth," said Christ Jesus. Whom is that message meant for? And how can we help humanity learn more of the saving and preserving activity of Christ, Truth?


From SKY magazine, October 1990, by Perry W.

How many vessels can we fill?

Diminishing resources, limited opportunities—these aren't modern inventions, and the life-tested lessons of the Bible speak to people facing these barriers today.

Is your God able?

If God is omnipotent Love, can we put limits on the power of that Love to heal?

All of us

His arms seemed ever outstretched—and gathering, gathering;Pulling the sheep of "them" and "us" into a single, perfect flock.

Healing the heart

When we hurt—emotionally and physically—there's comfort to be found. God's love is powerful beyond all else. It can heal anything.

Thanks, Miss Woodson

Thank you, Miss Woodson, wherever you are.
Testimony of Healing

The following experience occurred while our three sons,...

The following experience occurred while our three sons, an acquaintance, and I were sailing our sailboat up the California coast.
Testimony of Healing
I became interested in Christian Science through a healing my daughter had as a baby.
Testimony of Healing
Last summer I went to drama camp two days a week.
Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has been the joy of my life, and there have been many healings in my family.
A current list of public lectures on Christian Science, including places, dates, and times.

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