Prior to the birth of our first child, my water broke prematurely...

Prior to the birth of our first child, my water broke prematurely during an examination by the physician. Then he urged inducing labor, which we declined. We continued praying with the help of a Christian Science practitioner. Over the next few days there was intermittent labor. The turning point came as I recalled this statement in Miscellaneous Writings by Mrs. Eddy: "In different ages the divine idea assumes different forms, according to humanity's needs. In this age it assumes, more intelligently than ever before, the form of Christian healing. This is the babe we are to cherish." I prayed to cherish Christian healing more deeply, and our daughter was born soon after this. She was normal in every way.

Our children have had wonderful healings. One dear to my heart took place when our son was a baby and his sister was two. The little boy had had a terrible cold all day; I had been praying, but that evening I needed to fix dinner so I asked our daughter to please sit and pray for her brother. I heard her saying the Lord's Prayer aloud to him. When I went back into his room, he was perfectly well.

August 20, 1990

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