For years I planned to write a testimony

For years I planned to write a testimony. However, I could not settle on which healings to mention; there have been many, and each one has been special to me. But now I have come to realize that this is not my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to testify in print. I have the privilege of testifying many times if I wish!

I am very grateful that my father enrolled me in a Christian Science Sunday School when I was very young. I remember being carried on his shoulders (my parents did not own a car) as he marched along to church, singing Mrs. Eddy's hymn "'Feed My Sheep.'" It was a long walk, but the joy and fidelity to Truth my dad felt inspired us both. Each healing I've had since then has been rather like those walks so long ago—each step to healing inspired by fidelity to Truth, God, each step made lighter by the joy of knowing that Christian Science does indeed heal completely and decisively.

September 26, 1988

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