Looking forward

Looking back instead of forward could keep us from seeing the present good in our lives.

It is generally recognized that looking backward while walking forward can be a dangerous business! Yet, otherwise sensible people often do this. I'm not just referring to the times when we may have turned to speak to someone passing by on a busy sidewalk and have nearly walked into a utility pole! Such experiences may be embarrassing, but they are not generally so damaging as the kind of "looking back" that goes on in the privacy of our own consciousness.

The Bible addresses this subject in several places. For example, in Genesis we read that Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt See Gen. 19:17, 26 . because, instead of obeying the divine command to leave the sinful environment of Sodom and Gomorrah without a backward glance, she turned around to witness the destruction of these cities.

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