Taking the fear out of exams

Test-taking is an inevitable part of being a student. And often not the most enjoyable part! But there is a way to feel more confident about taking examinations. It involves turning to God in prayer, finding direction in a source infinitely greater than the limited human mind. That source is God, the one divine Mind.

God is all-comprehensive Mind, for the creator of an infinite universe must know and embrace all right ideas. And this Mind continuously supplies its child, man, with wisdom. God is the infinite source of intelligence, to which we always have access through prayer. This prayer, however, is not a petition to God for a good grade or even for just a passing grade. It is humbly striving to know and demonstrate that man is not a physical mortal, struggling alone with an inadequate human brain, but that man is really God's child, the idea of Mind, inseparable from Him. Man has, therefore, all the wisdom he needs. Our conviction of this great fact grows step by step as we humbly trust in God to guide us in all that we do.

Never isolated, never alone
September 22, 1986

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