A number of years ago when I called a Christian Science practitioner...

A number of years ago when I called a Christian Science practitioner for prayerful help in overcoming a great sense of depression, she encouraged me to look beyond myself. At the time, I didn't fully understand what she meant. But over the years my understanding of this need for a broader perspective has grown. I have realized I must challenge world beliefs, not just those suggestions that claim to be my own thinking, and include all mankind in my recognition that God's government is the only one in power. These realizations have benefited my demonstration of Christian Science. The December 1984 videoconference from The Mother Church "To live for all mankind" added to my understanding of this aspect of Christian Science practice and bore almost immediate fruits.

About two weeks after the videoconference, as I was driving to work one morning, I heard a radio report about a very serious traffic accident in the area involving a teen-age driver. My first reaction was to commiserate. "How awful for the families of the victims," I thought, "so close to Christmas. What a burden for the teen-ager to have to carry." (He had been speeding.) And so on. Almost immediately I was alerted to the unscientific nature of such thinking.

Testimony of Healing
For many years I tried to cope with a continuous underlying...
April 7, 1986

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