Bowing to Love's law

Jealousy, resentment, hatred, criticism, indifference—while all these seem to be going on, in reality the only true presence is Love, because Love is God, the All-in-all. Love is also Life and governs the real—and only—action in the universe. This benign omnipotence constitutes a law that harmonizes human experience. Mortal emotions must yield to this law. Human will, which would dominate our own or another's behavior, must bow before it and withdraw.

How do we bring this divine power into our experience? Certainly not by crossing our fingers and hoping God's goodness some-how will shower down on us—the way we decide not to sprinkle the lawn because perhaps it will rain. The law of Love has its effect in our lives as it becomes the cause, the origin, of our motives, thoughts, and deeds. When mortal feelings are subordinated to the Christ, we expose ourselves to divine blessings.

With God, not in matter
March 29, 1982

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