As a young person I was always searching—searching for the...

As a young person I was always searching—searching for the meaning of existence. Want, woe, and war seemed to me the theme of the age. Was existence just a matter of chance? What was the purpose of it all, I wondered. The Bible was always a dear book to me. I loved to read of Christ Jesus and his miracles, but they seemed very far removed from daily life. Then one day I heard about Christian Science—and the healings that were taking place as they had in Jesus' day. These healings were coming about just through reading a book! I sought this book, Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, and eventually obtained it. Oh, joy, I thought. Just what I've been searching for! I found this book absorbing and very satisfying—it offered a completely new way of life. I spent a lot of time and thought on certain chapters and soon glimpsed the fact that man is spiritual, here and now; that he is God's own image, not mortal or material. I continued with my study, and what joy and promise! This study and prayer opened the way, revealing to me the mighty power of God.

One morning, while at work, I was using an electrical appliance with one hand, and I unthinkingly reached out with my other to turn off a dripping water tap. Instantly I was gripped in the electrical current and momentarily lost consciousness. I turned to God in my need—to the God I was learning to understand and love through Christian Science. Through the terrific din within me I heard myself repeating, "God is my Life." Then the thought came, "Open your hand." I did and was released immediately; the appliance went crashing to the floor. The woman I was waiting on was completely unaware of what had happened until the crash, as I had remained standing throughout this time—upheld by my grip on the water tap. I was out of breath, but managed quickly to switch on another appliance to complete the work I was engaged in. I had no fear, as I felt the presence of God with me and was humbly grateful for my deliverance. I soon regained my composure and explained to my client what had happened. I had no pain whatever, nor were there any aftereffects. I understood better Christ Jesus' words (Luke 10:19), "And nothing shall by any means hurt you."

January 18, 1982

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